Sonic the Crazy Beagle Loves the Rally to Restore Sanity!


I loved today’s Rally to Restore Sanity!  While I believe that beagles can be crazy, our politics and behavior shouldn’t be crazy.

However, I thought the rally wasn’t balanced in one situation.  They had Yosuf, originally Cat Stevens, come to sing “Peace Train.”  They should have had Three Dog Night come out to sing “Joy to the World” so that the dogs can outnumber the cat.  But today, I will be civil.

Restore the Sanity!

Treat Your Dogs & Beagles Right on National Weatherization Day!


National Weatherization Day is October 30th. As the weather becomes colder, if you think you are cold, think about your pets.  Pets are the closest to the floor,  and as you well know, heat rises so it is a little cold near the floor for us dogs and beagles.

For ideas and resources on how to make your pet, especially dogs and beagles, more comfortable go to